Guild Charter and Code of Conduct

  1. Officer: Our guild officers are Isabeluxa, Dorthar, Liarran and Zyranna. They are responsible for the management of the guild as a whole. This includes enforcing the Guild Charter and Codes. Also, they're in charge of Recruiting and management of all the guild raids.

  2. Alpha Team: Raiders.

  3. Beta Team: Raiders.

  4. Social: The social members.

  5. Alt: The alts of the guild.

  6. Teta Team: These are our newest members. Please see Trial Period for further explanation.

Guild Charter
  1. Our Purpose: We are dedicated to the gamer who likes to have fun, has a sense of community, direction, and is planning on sticking with us for the long run. We expect our members to be mature and work for the benefit of the guild as a whole, and not only for their personal gain. We are a PvE guild and our main goal is to explore the end content of World of Warcraft. Therefore, we strive to excel in raiding end game content, while keeping up a very positive and social experience.

  2. Membership: Everyone who wishes to become a member of The Puzzle must submit an application through the guild forum. The application will be reviewed by the Officers .You will receive feedback within 24 hours of you having posted your application to the forum. WE encourage our current member to also comment on the applications, keeping the comments constructive and polite.

    All applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a good knowledge of written and spoken English. We also expect you to use our list of required addons. Also it is crucial that you are able to raid from 22:30 to 1 am server time.

  3. Trial Period: After you have been accepted to The Puzzle, you enter a 2 week trial period status. During this time, you will be listed as Trial and your performance and attitude will be evaluated. Trial members who are max level will be allowed to participate in raids. Please be aware that we use a DKP system with a loot council.
    After a successful Trial Period, Trial members will be promoted to become full members of The Puzzle (Alpha/Beta Teams).

  4. Re-Admission: If a member should leave or be removed from the guild, they can reapply to become a guild member again, assuming that they had a previous good standing in our community. However, all ranks and privileges that member had will be removed and they will start at the initial Trial rank. Members that either quit or were removed for breaking the Guild Charter or Code of Conduct are not eligible for re-admission. All re-admissions will be determined by the Officers.

  5. Member Responsibilities: Members of the guild are responsible for remaining active in-game and on the guild forum. Inactivity of longer than 4 weeks without explanation will result in removal of the character from the guild. They are also responsible for helping fellow guild members to the best of their ability and answering questions if the answer is known to them. When using the guild channel, please be polite and show respect to others. We won't tolerate sexist or racial remarks, either on the forum or in the guild channel. Please read and take to heart our Code of Conduct.

  6. Applying to other guilds: We are aware that we can not please all of our members all of the time. The Puzzle is a tight knit community and we wish to have members that identify themselves with our guild, our goals, our rules and our schedules. If for some reason you think you can't continue with us, that's ok. But before you apply to other guilds, please inform us that you're doing so. We find it polite and it keeps you in a good standing with us.

Code of Conduct
  1. The Code of Conduct is pretty simple to adhere to. Respect each other as well as the community in general. Use common sense and treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself. Remember that you have your guild name above your head. We don't want to get a bad reputation because some of our members couldn't behave. This means within the guild, as well as outside of it.

  2. When raiding, we expect our members to have done their homework on the encounter. We also expect our members to listen to and respect the instructions of the Raid Leader. If you have an issue, please whisper the person in charge. We will not tolerate the "too many chiefs" syndrome. This is non-negotiable.

  3. If you have problems or concerns Officers are the appropriate people to talk to. A long whinge on guild chat is not. This is a mature guild and we expect every member to act accordingly.

  4. The Guild Charter and Code of Conduct are evolving as we progress through the game. Changes will be made as seen fit by the Officers. Please check back often.

  5. Remember the Guild and its Charter are here for your benefit, in order to provide you with a fun, stable and rewarding gaming community.

Raiding Rules

Raid Times
  1. Raids will start at 22:30, server time. Invites will start at 22:15. All raids will have a minimum duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes. You are expected to be online at max 22:25. After this time, you run the risk of being replaced.

  2. The raiding teams will be announced on the forum 24 hours before the raiding time. Signups that take place after the 24 hour cut-off will be considered as possible replacements or if a group needs filling. They will however always be last in priority.

  3. After the team is announced, if something changes and you can't make it, post on the raid topic .

Raid preparation
  1. Every member willing to participate in a raid must apply via the forum raid calendar no later than 22:00 of the previous day.

  2. Every member must be aware that they're responsible for getting their consumables ready before a scheduled raid. Our Guild Bank has some of these consumables, but do not consider it your main source.

  3. Every member must be fully repaired before the start of the raid.

  4. Every member must read and understand the strategies for the scheduled encounters of that raid.

  5. Make sure that before the raid starts you have logged on to TeamSpeak.

  1. You're expected to listen to/read the explanation that is given by the Raid Leader, without interrupting. After that, you will have time to ask questions if necessary. Suggestions should be given via /w.

  2. You're expected to perform the best you can in your class and don't improvise. Improvisation usually results in death and chaos.

  3. After a boss is dead, it is Loot Time. Please respect your fellow members and refrain from flooding chat with chatter, gratz messages, "I've got better", and the like. Save all that for AFTER the loot is distributed.

  4. Breaks are done when the Raid Leader decides to. If you need to take a break, please whisper the Raid Leader to see if it's possible.

Picking the team
  1. The teams will always be defined by the Officers.

  2. Alts are not allowed in official raids.

  3. Alpha Team raiders will have priority on being picked, over Beta Team raiders.

  4. If you're a new member of the guild (Trial), you have a raiding trial period of 2 weeks (minimum 3 raids). During this time, you will be assigned dkp like a regular member, but you'll be last on the priority list to get a drop until after your raiding trial period has ended.

  1. We use Personal Loot System.

  2. If you get an item you don't need, give it to an Officer or Raid Leader.

  3. Distribution of Extra BoP items will be made using the Roll System and/or Loot Council.

  4. No one can need roll on an item for a secondary role. (Examples of secondary role: A holy paladin rolling for dps gear.) Off-spec gear will be decided by loot council and won’t

  5. Epic BoE items that may drop will be distributed as the BoP ones. Although, if no one wants them, they'll be kept by the Guild Bank, for 48hours, in case another member of the raiding team needs it. If not, they will be returned to the player who looted it.

  6. Loot Council will decide on Trinkets, Tier and Warforged Items, aswell as off-spec gear.

Raiding in free content
  1. Officers and Raiders may schedule these raids on the Free raids section of our forum calendar.

  2. They are free to schedule those raids at any day/time, as long as it doesn't compromise any of the official raids. Should the schedules happen to overlap, the official raid team will be picked first. And there is no space for negotiation here.

  3. On these raids, the need/greed system will be used, and no dkps will be spent or given. We trust the ones that are leading the raid to make a fair distribution of the loot.

  4. We encourage these free raids within the guild, but if it's not possible, then find a group outside the guild to do it.

  5. The only free raids allowed are the ones we are not currently progressing through.

  1. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in a penalty.

  2. Penalties will be decided by the Officers and they can be diverse. For example, being unable to raid for a period of time, a time-off from the guild, or a ban from The Puzzle.

  3. If you raid in a group other than the one defined in The Puzzle, within the same content we are raiding at that point (i.e. in PUG groups or with other guilds), the situation will be reviewed by the Officers, but will always have a severe penalty. The only exception made is stated above in free raids.

  4. You will be informed of the penalty applied to you at the end of the raid, or as soon as you come online.

  5. Any special circumstances that aren't in these rules will be analyzed by the Officers and different penalties may be applied.

If you have any doubts regarding the rules, please ask the Officers for clarification.
Last Update: May 6th, 2016

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